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Many fields of law have become more complex and specialized in recent years. It is often critical for a client to know and be confident that the firm has a team of lawyers who can cover different areas of law and work hand in hand with each other to achieve the desired outcome. Our firm prides in the way our lawyers collaboratively work together on cases where ideas, case strategies and possible solutions to an issue are bounced off one other. Also, we understand that visiting a law firm can be quite daunting and we assure you that our lawyers not only have excellent interpersonal skills, they are very approachable and accessible. We are here to give you some peace of mind.


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Luke Anton Netto

Clara - 1.1

Clara Tan
Senior Paralegal / Office Manager

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Aylwyn Seto

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Joshua A. Mariadass
Accounts / Business Development Manager

Clara Tan

Clara Tan has been a pioneer member of staff at Netto & Magin LLC since 2004. The founding directors inculcated in her a passionate interest in Law, resulting in her pursuing and obtaining a Diploma in Law from the University of London in 2011. As a result of their guidance and supervision, Clara has since become highly adept in the assistance of lawyers with the conduct of files in various areas of practice.

Clara’s versatility allows her to aid in matters relating to Family Law (divorce, adoption, GIA and MCA applications, and quasi-criminal actions such as PPO and MSS applications), Personal Injury and Accident cases, Civil Litigation (in particular; Moneylender actions) and Conveyancing. She takes special interest in Estate Planning, with relation to the drawing up of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Administration.

With nearly two decades of experience, Clara actively contributes to legal discussions, assists in client interactions and the drafting of complex legal documents.

Beyond her paralegal responsibilities, Clara attentively oversees the day-to-day management of the firm and its staff members. Her familiarity towards legal practice allows her to transition seamlessly between, assisting in legal matters objectively, and the management of the firm’s needs decisively.