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We are driven lawyers who are client-centric and committed to your cause. We provide holistic advice based on the nature of your case and take into account commercial considerations, your familial considerations and your personal well-being. Netto & Magin LLC pride ourselves in providing the most practical, cost-effective advice and legal support available. We start with your desired outcome and we will lead and guide you through the legal process to achieve it. We are a tight-knit, formidable and diligent team with a wealth of experience among our ranks to tackle any legal dilemma that you may be faced with. Trust us to give you some peace of mind.


While Netto & Magin LLC is a full-service firm, our firm’s core practice areas are that of Business Law, Construction Law and Family & Probate Law. Our Business Law and Construction Law practices combine the technical legal skills, practical business judgment and knowledge accumulated over years of experience advising large and small businesses of all kinds. Our Family Law practice adopts a holistic approach, providing you with insightful advice on all aspects of Family Law. As our lawyers are well-versed in various areas of the law, the advice you receive would take into account all your interests and better enable you to make the best decisions towards a positive outcome for you.

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Why Us?

We are a boutique law firm with an eloquence of 8 lawyers, possessing more than 40 years of experience.

We act within the entirety of our abilities to better cater to the needs of our clients, in the same way that we understand that those needs may change over time. Trust us to ensure the utmost professionalism and exercise great care towards your unique legal desiderata.


Have every confidence in our vast and expanding wealth of more than 40 years of experience to best assist you.


We focus on delivering efficient service to swiftly achieve your ideal outcome.


We offer transparent, capped fees, to put your mind at ease.


We strive to be a ‘one-stop shop’ towards your every legal needs.


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syariah divorce
Netto Magin

Syariah Divorce

Syariah Divorce A.            Grounds of Divorce  1.    According to Muslim law and the Administration of Muslim Law Act, a marriage can be dissolved in the

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